Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ray Porter

Dallasite and endurance mountain biker Ray Porter overlooking the Trinity River from the Trinity River Trail bridge near the Audubon Center, 2013

Who is the best mountain biker you ever saw.

Ray Porter is who. The best.


  1. Ray Porter. What a great guy and what a profound sense of loss we all feel with his passing. The race against cancer is a tough one. God bless Ray and his wife Gina.

  2. He raced so well and was the strongest rider I have ever known. So humble to a fault and did it with a smile.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Ray. I remember tracking him on his second Tour Divide Race and sitting there with my jaw dropped open. HOW MANY MILES???!!! That's just nuts!! I wished him the best from the comfort of my comfy chair. Soon after he got back I ventured out to see him at the party OCBC had for him at the trail head in OC. It was an honor and a pleasure to shake his hand and say "Well done". I wish I could do it again. This year I'll put in a few miles for him.

  4. I have known Ray gosh I guess since 2000 or so. I was there at the trails at Joe Pool Lake when Gina and Ray first caught eyes of each other. Then I was there on a camping trip trying to get between Ray and Gina as they tried to sneak off all night to be alone. I didn't see what was really going on, I thought I was protecting Gina a long time friend of my sister and wife going back into the mid 80's at least.....

    Ray and I had a falling out over a decade ago, it was silly. I have followed Ray's biking accomplishments from afar for several years here on fb. I am happy for Ray that he got to ride so hard well into age (we are about the same age). I am happy for Gina she got to spend so many years with such a good friend to her. I am so sad I have seen her lose two very close friends in my lifetime.

    I will never ever forget missing out on reconciliation with a good man..... That is a hard lesson to learn....